Friday, July 13, 2012

Updates: June

June 2012 cont.

Owen had a follow up appointment with the GI department in Oakland. The appointment went great, Owen was recovering nicely from infection/virus :)
This is Owen waiting patiently in the waiting room . . .

 showing the doctors where his new line is :)

Mr. Doctor!

Owen pooped in the potty for the first time!! I was so surprised! He did it all on his own, no coaching from me

 My boys love playing with eachother. . .

 in LOVE!

My boys love the park! . . .

Especially when Katie is there with her kids!

 Awwwww :) such a good friend!

Owen trying to hold Tori :)

They had a wonderful time with Daddy at the park! Daddy's new job makes time for family time like this! and we love it!

We went to lunch with my grandpa and the boys would not leave him alone haha. He enjoyed every minute of it!

This picture is so special to me. Nothing is more precious than little boys, who will someday grow up to be men, in the Church. What a wonderful joy to raise my children in the Church!

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